Ember Makes Growth Investment in OnSyte Performance, LLC

Company is Rapidly Scaling its Proprietary Distributed Wastewater Treatment Systems

June 28, 2023 – OnSyte Performance, LLC (“OnSyte” or the “Company”) announced today it has received a growth investment from funds managed by Ember Infrastructure (“Ember”) to scale its proprietary, end-to-end distributed wastewater treatment solutions.

Based in Suwanee, Georgia, the Company offers state-of-the-art treatment technology in a continuously monitored, wirelessly controlled system that is operated and maintained by licensed wastewater professionals. These distributed wastewater treatment units (“DWTUs”) can be deployed individually or as networks and are well suited for wastewater utility, municipality, commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Each DWTU has advanced nutrient pollution removal capabilities, utilizing a suspended-growth, activated-sludge process in a miniaturized sequencing batch reactor tied to a proprietary programmable logic controller, operating in a secure networked environment. Licensed wastewater operators monitor these networks and are able to optimize system performance and perform remote supervisory control if a unit is operating out of specification. Additionally, the Company’s cloud-based performance dashboard product provides customers with real-time access across their network of DWTUs, delivering important information such as wastewater flows, system capacity, and nitrogen removal.

“We are excited to be able to invest in our business to meet demand as customers begin to see the enormous benefits of OnSyte’s solutions” said OnSyte COO Jim Easterling. “Ember has been a proactive, flexible partner who understands the potential of our product.”

OnSyte offers flexible solutions including hardware and software, installation services, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance based on customer needs. The Company also provides a fully-financed, turnkey Infrastructure-as-a-Service ("IaaS") offering. IaaS allows the replacement of aging septic tanks or the development of new construction with modern distributed wastewater treatment technology at no upfront cost to real estate developers, builders, municipalities, or homeowners, with customers instead paying a predictable monthly fee for service.

“In OnSyte, we see a proven treatment solution coupled with a highly compelling commercial proposition for municipalities, utilities, developers, and individual homeowners who do not have access to traditional sewers,” said Ember Principal Caleb Powers, who will join the Company’s Board of Directors. “Advances in technology are enabling new business models, and we look forward to working with the OnSyte team to continue scaling the Company’s solutions.”

OnSyte also has a robust and growing service business with nearly 50 employees in Georgia and Florida, supplementing the turnkey DWTU service offering as well as performing traditional septic maintenance.

One in four households in the U.S. is not connected to municipal sewer and wastewater treatment, instead relying on septic systems or cesspools, leaving property owners responsible for the up-front and long-term costs of installing, maintaining, and eventually replacing these on-site systems. Furthermore, these conventional systems were not designed for environmental protection and are a major source of nutrient pollution resulting in algal blooms, deoxygenation, ecosystem imbalance, and groundwater and marine contamination. Regulators are increasingly placing new restrictions on development and mandating legacy system replacements, even in areas where conventional sewer is not available. OnSyte solutions deliver superior wastewater treatment performance and remote monitoring & control, ensuring more equitable, cost-effective sewer access with better environmental outcomes.

About OnSyte Performance

OnSyte Performance develops, markets, and operates proprietary distributed wastewater treatment solutions and services that reduce groundwater pollution and provide utility-like simplicity beyond the reach of traditional sewer systems. Through its proprietary combination of next-generation modular wastewater treatment systems, industrial internet-of-things (“IIoT”) architecture, and industrial automation technologies, OnSyte is transforming the traditional wastewater treatment industry by eliminating the need to pipe wastewater from the customer to the treatment plant. For more information, please visit www.onsyte.com.

About Ember Infrastructure

Ember is a private equity firm investing in businesses delivering infrastructure solutions that reduce carbon intensity, enhance resource efficiency, and increase resilience to climate impacts. Headquartered in New York City, Ember invests across the energy transition, water, waste and industrial sectors. For more information, please visit www.ember-infra.com.




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